Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and the HUH?

Let me see - what was the date of my last post? Have I been delinquent again? Bad Jason!

The good: Finished NannySpies Book 1: Attack of the Murderous Drooling Mutant Spazoids. Off to agents. Requested by some already. Yay.

The bad: So I might of missed out on a few things in that big old ball of fun called life, by working too hard - again.

The HUH?: How it all happened.

Serendipity is my made-up middle name as you are all well aware. This latest little adventure began back at that dinner with the YA ladies a few weeks ago. I started hanging out with one of them and she read Kringle and a bit of NannySpies. She liked what she read, but felt Kringle needed a MAJOR line edit. She was meeting with her former editor, now an agent, and decided - why not pitch my stories to him, and just for fun, tell him how good a lad I am. She was of course lying, but she's well paid and presently on vacation in Dubai. 

So he told my author buddy to have me contact him, which I did - like the second she told me to do so. However, there was a serious amount of work to do on Kringle before I could send it to him. And NannySpies wasn't ready either (though it had far less work). 

Author buddy (the better half of Team Evil Violet) and I sat down and realized the first chapter of Kringle could not be salvaged. Simply put - it blew chunks. The rest only needed the line edit, but chap 1 - awful. So we tossed out ideas, drank yummy milkshakes, and by the end of the day, I knew what I wanted. 

When I'd completely re-written Chapter 1, I got on the line edit. Tedious, but lots of fun. It's actually like editing my films. I'd sit in the editing booth with my producer and we'd cut individual frames from the flicks. That's 1/24 of a second, mind you. But anything to make it flow better. Same here - only with words.

Kringle was done and I gave it a week, then a read-through. I was very pleased with the work and sent it off. 

Then it was time to tackle NannySpies, a considerably easier task. And before I knew it, NannySpies was ready to send out as well.

Now just for fun, let's throw this into the mix. My once dead and buried feature film script - the one I put on indefinite hold after my accident that resulted in me writing Kringle in the first place - yeah, that one - well it's become the world's latest baby zombie. Goo-goo-ga-ga-chomp-chomp-brains. It's back in action. Totally unexpected. Can't say much about it right now, but wheels are in motion. 

Needless to say - I'm drained. It's been a very exciting pair of weeks, but I've been working my tail end silly. And today - I go see a movie. District 9 - here I come!