Monday, June 29, 2009

Chris and Haller Make Some Friends on Twitter

All right. I'm very seldom speechless. Anyone who knows me will tell you I got a yap on me, boy! In fact, I almost lost my voice today from talking too much. Then I came home to a sweet little surprise on Twitter.  It seems the lovely folks at @hollywood_tweet  are having a real fun time reading all of Chris Kringle and Haller Fyenic's tweets.  Here is some slam-banging praise that will finally make my dear old dad proud (not that I have daddy issues. Oh. wait. Sugar; did I send a link to dad? Love ya, pops!) Anyway - check this out:

"Next site we're going to feature is a brand new follower, we're putting it out right away because it's frickin' AMAZING!: @haller_fyenic"

"This is the MOST UNIQUE site we have EVER seen! @haller_fyenic"

"Now, something we've been wanting to spill our guts about ALL DAY! We're about to explain what's up with: @haller_fyenic It'll take a few tweets."

"This really weird thumbnail called @haller_fyenic follows us one day, and as always, we go in and check the site before deciding to follow back."

"We get to: @haller_fyenic 's site and the dude is living out this fantasy life, detailed, incredibly interesting and compelling."

"We got the information as to what it's all about, and here we'd thought @haller_fyenic was cool, but we had NO idea HOW COOL!"

"@haller_fyenic - is actually a character in a novel called 'The Kringle Khronicles Volume 1: The Legend of Winterdale' by @evilgenius333."

"@haller_fyenic isn't the only character online, there's also @chris_kringle who's this little kid living his life right on Twitter. But that's not all: @evilgenius333 's characters: @haller_fyenic & @chris_kringle interact with their followers. Now here's the COOLEST part..."

"@evilgenius333 is making an interactive prologue for his new novel, The Kringle Khronicles Volume 1: The Legend of Winterdale."

"The dude @evilgenius333, is writing the interaction of his characters with their followers right into his NOVEL'S PROLOGUE!"

"The only way to fully appreciate what this REAL genius is doing is to follow all three: @evilgenius333 - @chris_kringle- @haller_fyenic."

"We never given ANYONE so many consecutive tweets, but you'll really miss out if you don't check it out: FOLLOW @evilgenius333"

So that's some good press, I guess. :) 

My head was spinning. I'm pretty new to this game, but that's the best PR I've ever had. They were really too kind, but I'll take it! Needless to say, I'm as happy as a little elf boy could be.  

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