Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Idea

If you've read the post positioned directly under this brand spanking new one that hasn't even had the plastic taken off it yet, then you have a general idea as to what kind of craziness launched into my head 4 years ago when I first came up with the concept for the book.  But you don't know how that concept popped into my noggin.  This post has a distinct chance of clarifying that for you.  If I don't mislead you. I haven't decided if I'm telling the truth yet.  I'll let you know by the end of the post.  Maybe.       

So I was sitting around wondering what exactly does Santa Claus do with the rest of his time.  I mean, the guy only works one day a year, right?  He's gotta do something else.  And then I started thinking about his aliases - Father Christmas, Saint Nick, Chris Kringle.  And what about his super-human abilities - the guy can get around the world in a single night dropping off presents to all the kiddies through slots in chimneys three sizes too small?  He's gotta be like a super hero or a secret agent or a ninja or something!  And that's when the concept hit me - take this character that everyone in the entire world knows and come up with a super-cool hidden history for him.  But to do that I had to go right back to the beginning - his childhood!    

And that was it - simple!  I was off and running.  Concept was there.  I dug it. I was jazzed up about it. I could work with it. 3 years later, I started. 

P.S. -
I told the truth.  

I gotta start lying again.  

It's much better for the soul.         

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