Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Amazing Disappearing Act

Woah! A week went by? I guess I really do know how to time travel, 'cause I sure don't remember a week going by.  Maybe because I was so ridiculously busy every moment of every day, I couldn't detect the passage of time. I'm sure you all know how I feel. Barreling through life is NOT a good course of action. 

OK - what to do? Slow down!
See, I was really getting excited about the book. Things on the back end have been going swimmingly (I love the term, swimmingly!) and I had some breakthrough ideas that I couldn't wait to get to. Unfortunately, they had to wait, and will continue to have to wait for just a few hours more. 

The website - yes, the website. For those who know me (all 6 of you, which includes my family) it is no surprise for me to discuss, in an open forum, my love/hate relationship with this stunning, potentially life altering, particularly shiny on sunny days, means of global communication known as the internet. I love being able to connect with people with such ease (unless we're on a technological breakdown day - iPhone? I'm talking to you, mister!) I also love being able to learn about anything, anywhere I am. I love being able to show people far and wide the pictures of my son, my lovely wife, and on a good hair day - myself. 

I HATE the rest of the nonsense that comes along for the journey.  You know, the annoying pop-ups that spring from some hidden, evil parallel universe and block the very thing you're trying to read, the bizarre and ill-timed internet slowdowns, the crashes of browsers, and most of all - creating a website and getting the coding to work as you tell it to. Coding is like a toddler trying its darndest to throw a wrinkle into any plan you may have for a day. It's only going to take 1 hour? Ha, ha, ha! Multiply that by ten! And prepare for the coding to take its diaper off and race completely bare-assed through Central Park!

Anyway - after more time on the phone with my hosting company than actually design or constructing my website - it is almost ready for prime time. And I 'm ready for early retirement. 

Stay tuned, fearless readers - the site is coming. And it will sneak up behind you when you least expect it and scream "BOO!" 

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