Monday, June 22, 2009

Exhale - Here I Come!

It went live today! The website is up. The final quote for the book is in. I have begun my funtastic twitter experiment. Another agent requested material. Exhale. Time to exhale.

I've been pretty wound up lately. When the end of today arrived, I was like a dreidal drunk on manishevitz, spiraling across the table, crashing into a tower of latkes. I then crashed into the couch and fell asleep for half an hour. It's been rough!

You remember my last post about the website blues. Well, I worked 'em all out and is now live and ready to conquer the world. Here's what I said in my press release:

Do you hear it? Do you feel it? Can you sense its raw, tantalizing power? That's pure-blooded awesomeness and its headed your way right now!

The new website has blasted its way onto the internet in the tradition of Billy the Kid - its guns are blazing, it's relentless, it will conquer, and you will submit to its glory! Behold!

What will you find when you enter ?

#1. A stunning picture of Jaden with his ultra-hip daddy, taken by the greatest and sexy-smokingest photographer ever to walk this earth. She married Jaden's daddy and it's the only decision keeping her from a perfect record of decision-making gloriousness.

#2. Lots of info about Jaden's daddy. Most of it useful factoids for those who need ta know what I do. Some of it about a peculiar and disastrous incident in the snow. All of it spun with the kind of web-weaving, alluring narrative you've come to know from Jaden's daddy.

#3. This is a biggie - pay attention. #3 is: What the new book is all about. More importantly, what a pair of splendid and sassy young ladies thinks of the book. Everyone get up right now and BOW to Amy and Lori for their time, energy, and stupendous lyrical magnificence. Thanks guys!

#4. Links to all things mind-warping, dazzling, and in some cases - informative! This includes my blog, other's blogs, websites for writers, kid stuff - lots and lots of shiny, vivid, 9-dimensional kid's stuff!

Now how's that for a sizzling pile of solid-gold rockage?

Over the top? Yeah - but that's how I roll! So what of it?

But it's not just the website. I was able to begin a little experiment I had planned on twitter. I wanted to take a couple characters from my book and get them up on twitter too. So Chris Kringle and Haller Fyenic are now live on twitter tweeting with fans in what has become a sort of interactive prologue to the book. It is ridiculously fun! I actually do most of the tweeting while on the treadmill on an 8 incline at 3.5 mph.  Multitasking is the only way to get anything done!

So make sure you drop by twitter and check out what the kids are doing. and  Join the adventure!

Lastly for today - I got another request from an agent last week.  And that just always feels nice. It was the cheese on my cheeseburger of a week!     


  1. Hey, just curious, but what do you mean when you say you got a quote for the book?

  2. You know how when you look at the back of a book there are usually a lot of quotes about it saying what they loved about the story, characters, etc.? That's what I got. You can check out what I mean at my website if you wish -
    Go to the "books" page.

  3. Oh, ok. I thought it was the publisher's job to secure blurbs. Gotcha.